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Some Comments from our Customers

A great presentation that really highlighted many aspects of Excel that I did not know
A great, useful and highly practical course! Will use all I learnt on a regular basis. Should have done it earlier. Thanks
Always enjoy Pam's courses. She is enthusiastic and it shows in her approach to the training
Compared to other excel courses(advanced) that I have attended, this course was far superior
Course was interesting and presenter really knows her training material
Course was very interesting & mind opening.  The presenter is better than IT
Enjoyable and worthwhile - practical and easy to understand exercises. Eloquent lecturer who explained practicals in an easy to understand manner
Excellent - things that I presumed were intimidating -> actually weren't! Good pace; well explained. Very interesting + worth while
Excellent: that's why I keep coming back for more
Facilitator is very passionate about delivering training & therefore  makes the learning a pleasure
Good presentation & minimal number of students allows each student to have personal attention
Great course, Learnt A lot as all Excel knowledge was "Self taught"
I am sad I did not attend this workshop years back. I could have saved so much time and energy. However very glad I finally came
I had a lot of 'aha moments'. This was of great value. The presenter has great/amazing energy that kept me awake/interested/focused at all times
I only wish I had attend these courses earlier, would have made life so much easier
I spent 5 hours on an orgchart the week before.  I could have done this in less than an hour had I had this training before then.  THANK YOU FOR BEING SUCH A GREAT TEACHER!!!
Brilliant and insightful as always

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