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Changing/Removing unwanted links in Excel

When you open a spreadsheet, you may get a message that the file contains links to another workbook.

Follow these steps to identify and change/eradicate any links in a workbook.

  1. Select Edit, Links. In many cases, this command may not be  available. If it is available, the Links dialog box will tell you the name of  the source file for the link. Click the Change Source button and change  the link so it refers to the active file.
  2. Select Insert, Name, Define. Scroll through the list of names in  the Define Name dialog box and examine the Refers to box (see the figure  below). If a name refers to another workbook or contains an erroneous  reference such as #REF!, delete the name. This is, by far, the most common  cause of phantom links
  3. If you have a chart in your workbook, click on each data series in the  chart and examine the SERIES formula displayed in the formula bar. If the  SERIES formula refers to another workbook, you've identified your link. To  eliminate the link move or copy the chart's data into the current workbook and  recreate your chart.
  4. If your workbook contains any custom dialog sheets, select each object in  each dialog sheet and examine the formula bar. If any object contains a  reference to another workbook, edit or delete the reference.

Next, save your workbook and then re-open it. It should open up without asking you to update the links.

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